High quality based materials utilized are 4140 H.T. Alloy Steel, Chrome-Moly Steel, Tool Steel, Nitralloy, Hastelloy, Nickel Alloy's, Tool Steels (D2, H13, & CPM 9V) Stainless Steels, High Temperature Alloys and many others. Hardening on screw flights may be accomplished by flame hardening or hard facing such as Stellites or Colmonoys. Corrosion protection may be provided by Ion Nitriding, Nitriding, Chrome or Nickel Plating, or other Carbide Coatings to suit any application.


Standard flight hard facing materials include Stellite (#6,12), Colmonoy (#56,83) and corrosion coatings including Standard Hard Chrome, Triple Chrome and Nickel Plating.  (Standard Ion-Nitriding and Flame Hardening are also available.



Micro Precision for Macro Machining provides feed screws and barrels that stand tough in the injection molding and extrusion environment. High pressure and temperature, together with abrasive materials found in these environments, demand high quality screws manufactured to close tolerances from superior materials.


New Screws/ Twin Screw Segments & Tip Assemblies

Twin Screw Segments and Tip Assemblies can be manufactured with standard materials and various tool steel materials to customers specifications. We supply new screws up to 8 " in diameter with a maximum length of 225" (mfg. in one piece).  We offer a variety of new screw designs including: Conventional Screws, Barrier Screws, Twin Parallel Screws, Twin Conical Screws, and even new screw segments.  We can handle all of your feed screw needs, as well as manufacturing all of your removable tip assemblies and mixing sections.


New and Re-sleeved Barrels


Southeast can handle Barrels up to 190" in length and 8" inside diameter.  Re-worked barrels are sleeved and polished to a like new condition, and all threaded holes are chased to ensure quick hassle free re-installation.  We can manufacture and rebuild all types of barrels including: Parallel, Twin and Segmented.  Because not all plastics are the same, we can recommend the best type of alloy for your specific application.

Endcaps/ Endcap Nozzle

Includes re-working and manufacturing for all machine makes and models.

Southeast Plastic uses Wexco quality barrels and liners manufactured up to 288" in overall length including Wexco 555 for severely corrosive conditions, Wexco 666 for abrasive conditions, and Wexco 777 a carbide liner for extremely abrasive and moderately corrosive conditions.

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